• Can I contribute by paying cash?

    No. Please contribute via online transfer or by issuing a cheque. You can also contribute via GPay.

    Can I just make a one-time payment?

    Yes, you absolutely can.

    What if I am not interested to pay for the entire year?

    Whether you would like to make contributions for a quarter or two quarters is absolutely your prerogative. You can stop auto-debit whenever you wish to.

    How can I help the Trust succeed in their mission?

    First and foremost by contributing a buck every day all thru the year or for whatever duration you feel comfortable with. Second, please do the best you can in reaching out to your immediate family members, your buddies, co-workers over the phone, email, thru social media platforms like Facebook, What’s App, Twitter etc and request them to contribute as well. Finally, keep your eyes and ears open for those who are in need of financial aid.

    What amount will be paid as AID per candidate?

    If the amount sought is huge, it may be given in installments or may be paid partially. A maximum limit will be set for all such cases wherein the fee is high. For any reason, if the entire amount cannot be provided, the candidate will be informed upfront.

    Will the aid be paid one time/annually till the education is complete?

    Aid will be paid as long as the candidate is successfully pursuing his/her education. The duration would depend upon the availability of funds.

    Will the aid be linked to performance?

    Absolutely! If the candidate is found wanting in his/her academics, the trustees have every right to stop the funding. We expect candidates to score 50% marks or above in their annual exams.

    Can I volunteer?

    If you think you will be able to spare some time to work as a volunteer, there’s no stopping you. Any work you may do will be completely voluntary and no compensation will be provided.